Die Casting Division

Specialized in aluminum alloy die casting, zinc alloy die-casting, providing including mould design, mould making, die-casting, machine, polishing, spraying, electroplating one-stop service, hold 160t, 280t, 400t, 630t and multiple Nekon brand die casting machine, with high precision die-casting mold and die casting products manufacturing capacity, production can force in more than 250t.

The company has more than 10 years of professional engaged in the production of senior engineer and production supervisor, the product of the die casting, light, machine and has a wealth of experience, with exquisite technology, excellent quality, convenient service...

Plastic Division

lastic Department can develop, design and make all kinds of plastic moulds and products, which is provided with 25 computerized injection machines, CNC machining centers, 8 EDMs and 8 wire EDMs. We choose standard mould bases and mould cores made of mould steel imported from Sweden and Japan, guaranteeing service life of moulds, production efficiency of injection machines and high quality of plastic products. In addition, we have complete process equipment from mould producing to injection molding, surface painting, screen printing and transfer printing, providing one-stop services for customers and laying a solid foundation based on ISO90001 management.

Machining Division

The company has been engaged in mechanical processing for years, with over 30 CNC lathes, over 40 CNC milling machines and about 10 mold processing centers. We can process fittings for monitoring, lighting and medical apparatus fields, and design and process moulds of electronic parts.

We have trained a high-level and dedicated...

Security production division

Professional R & D, production security series products and their plastic, metal parts.

Pan and other products through the Ministry of public security and access to the "inspection report". Its "pines" brand was named "China Security known brands, and repeatedly won the" China Security 50 strong "," China's top 100 security "," China Security Credit Union "honorary title.

Precision machine division

Precision machine division can the independent research and development, design, production of various types of plastic molds and products, with the new full computer injection molding machine 25, and has plastic mold equipment manufacturing workshop, including several CNC machining centers, EDM 8 sets, 8 sets of cutting equipment, also undertake the mold design and manufacture, mold select the import standard type, core selection of imported mold steel (Sweden, Japan), effectively ensure the service life of the die and the molding machine plastic products production efficiency and quality requirements, at the same time...

Assembly division

Have a strong technical force and production capacity, set manual, automatic in one, and there are more than two processing capacity, according to customer demand for different products to develop a variety of tooling, efficient and accurate assembly of hundreds of products, quality first-class, can meet the needs of all walks of life.

Hardware stretch Division

Metal Drawing Department is engaged in the R&D and production of metal drawing products and undertakes the production of metal stampings, IT network boxes, telephone housings and chassis cabinets made of iron, aluminum and stainless steel, which are applied to automotive refrigerators, cosmetic box liners, dishware, high-speed monitoring ball housings and floodlight structural parts (reflectors).

We are equipped with over 40 sets of 80T-500T double-action hydraulic drawers, 80 sets of 16T-200T punch presses, plate shearing machines, welders, benders, sand blasting machines, draw benches, 5 surface painting lines, and screen printing and transfer printing equipment...

Stretch Division

Tensile division can undertake all kinds of metal tensile products R & D and production, and to undertake all kinds of metal stamping parts, it industry network box, telephone all kinds of shell chassis production, involving all kinds of car refrigerator, cosmetic box, etc. liner, food and beverage containers, monitoring high-speed ball shell, light structure parts (reflector), the use of materials of iron, aluminum, stainless steel.

Source of power for the rapid development of the company is currently owned by a double acting hydraulic stretching machine more than 40 units, tonnage from 80t, 500t, punch more than 80 units, tonnage from 16t 200t...

Surface engineering division

Engaged in injection, spraying, screen printing, printing and other processing business, project wide. Such as the LED street lamp structure parts, chassis, safety products, aluminum aluminum box cooker and so on product surface coating, screen printing, printing, assembly is simple etc..

Professional and technical team and high precision testing equipment, the existing automatic gas spraying line...



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